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Lille Holmgård Håndbryg

Welcome to Lille Holmgaard Håndbryg - your favourite destination for unmatched craft beer and craftsmanship in the heart of West Jutland. A unique and locally influenced flavour experience for beer enthusiasts and adventurous palates.

Lille Holmegaard Håndbryg is a small local brewery run by a father and son. They were created with the noble purpose of spreading the word about how to make great hand-brewed beer. The community of good beer is at the centre of Alan and Simon, father and son.

For several years, the pair have been making hand-brewed beer as a hobby, but now it has become a business where others can also enjoy good beer. Their son Simon is a qualified engineer, and he is the brewmaster in the brewery. Alan is a former boarding school principal and - in addition to Lille Holmegaard Håndbryg - has a company that provides nature guidance. It is primarily Alan who goes out and sells the beers.

Lille Holmgaard Håndbryg has a wide selection of different beers, and there is guaranteed to be one - and certainly more - that suits your taste. All the beers focus on good craftsmanship and great flavour. The beers are available from local retailers, but if you are a larger group with an interest in brewing, you can also visit the brewery for a tour and taste freshly tapped beer from the taps. Alan and Simon are happy to share stories and recommendations for the beers you just have to try. They are both dedicated to their craft and love sharing their knowledge and passion with their guests.

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