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Lille Økssø

Lille Økssø is located a bit south of the lake Store Økssø, which is a little bigger than Lille Økssø. 

Lille Økssø is actually not really a lake anymore. It use to be, but as the years has gone by the hanging bag of sphagnum has moved from the shore closer to the middle of the lake. The lake is now more a raised bog and you can only see a little of the remains of the lake out in the middle of Lille Økssø.

The water in the lake, or the raised bog as Lille Økssø is defined as has a brown colour just as Store Økssø. The colour is due to a lack of nutrients, which is caused by dissolved humus materials. This leads to brown and acidic water - but just as Store Økssø the water is actually very clean.

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