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The limestone quarry Karlstrup Kalkgrav

The limestone quarry Karlstrup Kalkgrav is a popular excursion spot for locals and tourists. The limestone quarry, which formed several million years ago during the Cretaceous Period, covers about 30 hectares, and in the middle there is a 6 hectare lake with the most crystal clear blue water.  The lake is up to 14 metres deep and is frequently used by divers and ice divers. In some places, the water may be quite cold, and swimming is at your own risk. 

The limestone quarry has as abundant flora and fauna, including coots, grebes, herons, common buzzards and kestrels. If you are lucky, you may also see toads, grass snakes and lizards. Fossils of sea urchins, corals and shark's teeth have been found in the limestone layer of the steep slopes.

There are two paths around the limestone quarry; a wide path along the lake and a smaller path along the ridge of the limestone quarry. 

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Fishing requires a fishing licence which can be purchased from the Q8 service station, Motelvej 1, 2690 Karlslunde, Tel. +45 56 14 29 44