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The Limfjord Caminoen - around Mors

Join Limfjordscaminoen and let yourself be captivated by nature and tranquility. On this journey, you can experience the scenic Mors, which is the largest island in the Limfjord.

The trip covers a total of 69 kilometers with daily stages ranging from 14 to 19 kilometers, providing ample opportunity to enjoy the tranquility and nature, as well as explore the island and its many experiences.

During the journey, you will stay with Anette at Event4U, at the charming Heltoften Bed & Breakfast where another Anette will warmly welcome you, and on the last night, you will stay in Vildsund – all places include breakfast, as well as bed linen and towels.

Throughout the trip, you will explore Mors and gain a comprehensive insight into the island's nature and beauty. You will pass through Nordmors, where you can experience the stunning Hanklit and Salgerhøj.

You will also pass by Ejerslev Harbor and witness the beautiful lagoon. Mors offers a plethora of attractions, and we will provide you with a guide on what you can experience during your hiking vacation around Mors.

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Visit their website at Limfjordsoplevelser.dk