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The wine bar Liquo in The Carlsberg City Disctrict specialize in Italian wines and the curiosity behind them. You can taste wines from all 20 regions of Italy, accompanied by light Italian delicacies.

Lĭquo is an Italian wine bar located in the small square next to the romantic J.C. Jacobsen’s Garden and Pasteurs Tower. It is SURT’s Italian Giuseppe Oliva, who is behind the bar, and even though SURT already have an impressive selection of wine on the menu, they want Liquo to encourage a more relaxed relationship with wine, where curiosity about what's being served and the areas and stories behind is more important than technical wine jargon.

The place originally functioned as the storage facility of SURT until Giuseppe realized the uniqueness of the space. Lĭquo continues the Italian focus from SURT, specializing in Italian wine from all 20 regions of Italy to show the diversity of the Italian territory. The wine bar additionally serves drinks such as vermouth and negroni and a selection of charcuterie, cheese, and snacks. The name Lĭquo means ‘to liquify’ in Latin and refers to their products being liquified from grapes, tomatoes, and olives. At the same time, ‘to liquify’ also refers to the liquid heritage of Carlsberg’s brewery.

If Liquo has managed to get you curious about the Italian delicacies and their background, and you haven't had enough of the Italian delicacies by the time your visit to Liquo comes to an end, it is no problem to buy the delicacies to take home.