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Listed Havn

Fishing hamlet with 20 berths for visiting boats in the middle basin. Should omly be ebtered in daylight when visiblity is bright and clear, but not in onshore wind situations. New: Leading lights now line op at 202.8 degrees, 2 red triangles with tips pointing toward each other serve sa day beacons, 2 red lights serve as night beacons and are always lit. Svaneke Lighthouse will guide boats in during approach. Line up light and light masts to guide the way between the rocks at 202.8 degrees, a guiding line that must be carefully respected. Im calm weather, a gentle surface current in the Baltic Sea sets around Bornholm in a WSW-ly direction toward the Sound, the Great Belt and the Little Belt. In windy weather, the current normally sets in the direction of the wind, but totally unpredictable deviations in SW-ly wind, a hard current can set toward Sandhammaren on the SE tip of Scania in Sweden. In strong NW-ly wind, a strong currrrent sets to the soutward at Hammeren. The current in the approach channel is rarely important.