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Livø Avlsgaard (breeding farm on Livø)

Livø Avlsgaard is located on the small island Livø in Limfjorden. The farm is an organic breeding farm and is a part of Naturstyrelsens organic agriculture.


The breeding farm "Livø Avlsgaars" on Livø has nature care as a main focus. The farm has about 60 Aberdeen Angus Cattle grassing in several big areas on the island.
The cattles main job is to keep up the wildness by tramping down the withered plants and helping the new plants and nature to grow. The cattle is set to help the plants bring new life and give the insect a better chance to live. The cattles are a big part of the organic nature care on Livø. 
In addition to nature care many of the original grains are grown at the breeding farm.
The agriculture on Livø has been organic since 1991 and the island is actually the first in Denmark to become a 100% organic island. 
On "Livø Avlsgaard" you can make a visit and see for yourself how the organic nature care is set. All year round, but mostly at summer time, the farm has several events, guided tours and exhibitions.
See more about this on "Livø Avlgaards website here

Follow the daily life on the farm on their Instagram account @livoeavlsgaard.