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LM Unika ceramics

Laila Madsen is a skilled artisan that specialises in unique stoneware ceramics. You can visit her workshop in Daugård near Vejle Fjord and see her selection of beautiful mugs, bowls, platters, and figurines with unique expressions and glazes.

Unique artware near Vejle Fjord

Ceramicist Laila Madsen lives in Daugård and works from home in her workshop. Stoneware ceramics is a hobby and pastime. She is passionate about shaping ceramics and loves to create new expressions and use a mix of glazes. Her biggest sources of inspiration are humour and nature – she loves to make fun objects that put a smile on people’s lips.

All LM Unika’s products are unique – no products are similar even though they may be from the same series. In other words, you are guaranteed a beautiful, special, and most often functional piece of artware that will look good in any home.



LM Unika has a big selection of beautiful, functional mugs in many shapes, colours, and styles. Some have a grip, some have interesting effects, some with sharp colours, some with calm earth tones, and some have a little surprise in the bottom of the mug.

One thing that they all have in common is that they are all decorative and practical. They are burned at high temperatures so you can put them in the dishwasher.

The selection of products also include bowls, flowerpots, egg cups, hand painted ceramic figurines and much more.


Visit the workshop or the webshop

You can visit Laila Madsen’s workshop in Daugård by appointment to see a selection of her products. The workshop is often open on weekends, and you are welcome to ring the doorbell if you pass through, but we recommend that you contact Laila in advance to make an appointment.

LM Unika has its own web shop where you can buy pottery and have it delivered to your doorstep. You can also see the selection of products here before visiting the workshop in Daugård.


Borrow equipment and paint your own ceramics

LM Unika offers the opportunity for you to paint ceramics DIY at home, in the holiday home, the family get-together, teambuilding, or the stag party (minimum of 8 people).

You borrow a bag with eveythingthing you need and bring it back with the painted ceramics. Laila will then burn the ceramics and get it ready for pick-up. It is a requirement that the ceramics you paint is bought at LM Unika.

Prices depend on group sizes. Contact LM Unika for more information about paint-your-own pottery.

If you are not a big group but wish to paint ceramics anyway, you can purchase a paint-your-own set at LM Unika.