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Local Food

Local Food handpicks the best and highest quality products from local food producers and brings it all under one roof.

If you're driving from south to north along Ringkøbing Fjord, Nymindegab is a must-visit. Here, the landscape "opens up" in an almost picturesque way and presents a unique view. Right here, among the seaweed, fjord and sea, you'll find Local Food on the main street.

A newly started business by the local couple, Henriette and René, who go around and hand-pick products from both Varde and Ringkøbing-Skjern municipality. Both small distilleries, roasteries, beer breweries, cheesemakers, butchers, etc. In other words... If it's local and delicious, you can most likely find it on the shelves at Local Foods.

Take the goodies home with you or sit on a bench outside and enjoy the great atmosphere in fantastic Nymindegab.