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Lolo - Bakery & Bar

At Lolo – Bakery & Bar on the harbor, one of the hallmarks is the crispy and juicy sourdough bread and rolls, as well as the delicious sandwiches made with grilled Lolo bread.

At Svendborg Harbor, you'll find Lolo - Bakery & Bar. In the little house by the harbor, the wish is for you to always feel welcome. Behind the counter stands Lone Thusing and her sweet staff, who ensure good service and a cozy atmosphere every day. Lone herself bakes and cooks all the delicacies in the small open bakery and bar.

We all need to feel at home - even when we go out. When we feel at home, we can relax, hang out, converse, and laugh out loud - just be ourselves. That's the goal at Lolo. To create a place where everyone can step in and unwind.

Here, the focus is on homely comfort, high quality, good ingredients, and craftsmanship. Everything is made from scratch, from ingredients carefully selected by Lone, with a focus on quality, organic produce, and animal welfare. Enjoy a lovely cup of quality coffee, Lolos' morning platter, their freshly baked, juicy, and crispy sourdough bread, one of their delicious freshly made sandwiches, a spread Lolo bun, or one of the day's sweet treats.

At Lolo, they follow the seasons - as well as the events that occur at the harbor in Svendborg.