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Lydum Watermill and Power-station

Since 1903, Lydum's old watermill has been used for electricity production for the local community around the mill. The place is therefore a cultural gem where the history of the watermill goes back several hundred years, as a demonstration plant for electricity production at the beginning of industrialization.

Lydum Watermill and Power-station is located north of Varde, and has since 1903 been used for electricity production for the local community in the area. However, the Lydum watermill can be traced back to the 14th century, when people began to use the water to grind grain. Due to industrialization, the watermill was converted into a power plant.

Today, the watermill is out of order, and has instead been continued as an experience center. This is because the association Lydum Mølle took over the mill in 2003 with a view to continuing it as an experience center. That is why Lydum Mølle offers communication of everyday life at a direct current plant in the 50s and 60s.

In addition, the mill is also a starting point for excursions and outdoor activities in the beautiful landscape along Lydum Å.