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A scenic »excercising-path« for the whole family
Blue route is 3.0 km / Yellow route is 4.5 km
Starts at the entrance from Hærvejen to the parking lot at the Lyreskov School.

The Lyreskoven forest is located along the two roads Tøndervej and Omfartsvejen. Parking is possible coming from Tøndervej and there are also entrances coming from Smedeby, Omfartsvejen and Hærvejen. Take the dog for a walk, since part of the yellow route is in fact a designated dog forest. Both the Blue and Yellow route is suitable for the walking and the jogging type.

What you will find on your way along Lyreskovstien
On the route, you will find two fire places to be used freely and a hill commonly used for sledding during the winter or for exercise during the summer. There are also two lakes with shallow waters, which gives a clear view to study animal life in the water. In the forest Byskoven, there is a one-person bunker from the Second World War. The Historical Hærvejen makes its way through the area and is a part of Lyreskovstien.

Project Purpose of Lyreskovstien
The project aims to create an outdoor exercise and recreation area for all residents in the vicinity as well as Families with children, young people, elderly people, students and teachers from The Lyreskov School, Hærvej hikers and tourists. Tables, benches and exercise equipment will be built in natural materials along the Lyreskov Path.

Lyreskovstien as a route for excercising
The goal of Lyreskovstien as a route for exercising is to offer an outdoor gym as an alternative to the traditional gym experience. The tools must besides being fun to use, also be challenging and provide an opportunity to exercise everything from muscles to balance, rotation, coordination, agility, flexibility and endurance.
In The Lyreskov School, an outdoor exercise area with metal fitness equipment will be built to be freely available and will provide the opportunity to exercise at any time of the day without a gym membership.

Lyreskovstien as an excursion spot
Lyreskovstien should be a place with nice excursions for families with children, joggers, dog walkers and everyone who loves the natural environment’s beautiful scenery.