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MAGION - Culture & Sportscentre - Experience fun activities in Grindsted

MAGION Culture and Sportscentre is the natural gathering point for the middle part of Jutland as well as the local community.

MAGION bids you welcome when entering the grand main entrance. Here you will find the information desk and the administration welcoming you – and the MAGION Café ready to service you food and beverages.

Our library decorates MAGION with adventures quotes from famous authors, moviestars, instructors and many more.

The Foyer leads you to the grand DJS Arena, where cultural events such as concerts, shows and sporting events take place. You will also come across our “glass-room” – this is one of three modern meeting rooms in MAGION.

MAGION Culture and Sportscentre is a two-storage facility with a wheel-chair ramp and indoor elevators to ensure easy access to all parts of the centre.