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Mark | The Museum for a New Danish History

We use the last 400 years of history of agriculture, industry and tourism as a framework for different museum experiences that can be felt. From bright summer tales at the Karensminde Museum to poignant memories in SPOR af Besættelsen (TRACES of the Occupation). Visit us and be moved.

The Museum Farm Karensminde

At the Museum Farm Karensminde, you experience life in the countryside 100 years ago. Here, it smells of fresh air, hay, and a bit of manure. From inside the barn, you can hear the pigs grunting with joy when the farmer comes with today’s meal. You can see the cows grazing in the meadow with the old irrigation canal system. Let your children play in the Centipede Park and pet the soft rabbits. See the giant Jutland workhorses in the meadow, and the historical tractors that replaced them in the field. Don’t forget to enjoy a cup of coffee by the beautiful farmhouse and get our homebrewed beer in our souvenir shop.

Exhibitions about transformation

During the year, in the Exhibition Building, you can experience changing pop-up exhibitions, traveling exhibitions, workshops and creative workshops, which, through various themes, use cultural history as a starting point for conversations about our common future.

City Tour with Guide

Mark is the museum of the entire Municipality of Billund. This means that we provide guided city tours in the town centers of Grindsted and Billund, as well as several of the municipality's villages.

Experience Billund based on the cultural-historical narrative of a uniquely constructed cultural environment and an exceptional local example of urban development in Denmark's welfare society. The story of LEGO and Billund, as a Danish version of a Company Town, is evident in the city's development and architecture; everything from urban planning, infrastructure, family patterns, to leisure activities. Send an email to museet@billund.dk or call 7972 7490 to book a guided tour.