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How about a Puch Maxi road trip with a fox tail and a green milk crate? It's maximum nostalgia when we rev it up in Thyborøn and the surrounding areas!

MaxiTours boasts what is likely the largest collection of Puch Maxi mopeds in the world. More than 100 of the original iconic two-wheelers are in the stable at MaxiTours. And you can use them for your next tour or event in West Jutland!

With MaxiTours, you have several options for memorable experiences:

Guided tours in Thyborøn with full throttle. Here, coziness and anecdotes are paramount! The tour ends with a beer and dried fish at a traditional, cozy pub.

Pre-packaged road trips: self-driving experiences including food and visits to local attractions on an old moped. The tours take place in a very diverse nature in the heart of the UNESCO Geopark West Jutland. There are two options for pre-packaged packages. The first one leads from coast to coast, starting outside Lemvig, over the Bovbjerg Lighthouse to a delicious lunch and stunning views of the cliffs. From there, continue north to Thyborøn. Along the way, enjoy the ride on the two-wheeler with views of both the North Sea and the Limfjord. In Thyborøn, Sneglehuset awaits with coffee and cake before heading back through Harboøre to Lemvig. The second tour also starts and ends just outside Lemvig. From there, the tour goes over Nørre Nissum and along the fjord edge towards Oddesund. There awaits a short ferry trip to Venø, where the inn awaits with a delicious lunch. From Venø, the tour goes to Humlum Camping (and their big ice cream!) and then back to Lemvig. During both tours, there is the possibility to call the "MaxiLancen" if the moped has an accident.

Full-day events tailored to your wishes and budget as a company or group event. The tours can be booked from May to September.

Contact us at maxitours@mail.dk for prices or if you have special requests - we will be happy to provide you with a specific offer.