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Melsted Havn

Melsted is an old fishing hamlet situated just south of Gudhjem. Melsted Harbour is a small, private harbour with a well-protected location between the Sorteskaer and Guleskaer skerries. The harbour was built in 1884 out of granite fieldstones. Today it is the home port for around 50 samll boats and skiffs. There are ramparts both north and south of the harbour, and the areas used in the past to spread fishing nets out to dry are still visible by the harbour. Melsted beach is located south of the harbour with a fine sandy beach and the north coast's omly dune area with shifting sands. Melsted is a small, cosy fishing hamlet with small, well-kept, half-timbered houses and narrow winding streets. Four of the houses still have smokehouse chimneys that bear witness to the former smoking og herring. 300 metres from the harbour by the highway is the Melstedgaard Agriculture Museum in an old Bornholm farm that is absolutely worth a visit.