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Min Købmand – Convenience store in Spodsbjerg

Local grocery store in Spodsbjerg with a large selection of grocery products

New grocery store in Spodsbjerg 

Min købmand in Spodsbjerg wants to help put Spodsbjerg on the map of Denmark again, as a cozy town to live and holiday in, where you have the opportunity to shop. The shop is a gathering point for the city, where you meet and have a little chat over the counter and shop grocery. 



The range of items is large and adapted to local needs, so they ensure they have the items on the shelves that you need. In other words, they make sure that you can get everything for everyday life. You will find, among other things, a special selection of wines, specialty beers, organic, and their Yellow Price items, which are always low price on more than 200 popular groceries. 

In addition, Min købmand in Spodsbjerg also offers, among other things, bread and cake from Stæhrs Bakery.

They collaborate with Rudkøbing Pharmacy, so you can have your prescription medicine sent down to the grocery store.