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Moesgaard Viking Moot

Meet the vikings in Denmark. Here vikings from all over the world meet at the Viking Moot to recreate the festive markets held in the early days of Aarhus.

The Viking Moot, an annual event

The Viking Moot at Moesgård Beach near Moesgaard Museum is an annual event, which takes place on the last weekend in July - the weekend closest to July 28, the feast day of St. Olaf. In the Middle Ages and probably in the Viking Age too, this day was a fair day in Aarhus.

The market stalls offer a wealth of interesting articles, and craftsmen produce fine items of iron, wood, leather, silver, wool, amber, glass, willow, and many other materials.

Activities for every taste

Visitors can try their skills at different activities. Archery is especially popular, and here children and adults compete for the best result. However, there are activities for every taste, and all age groups can take part.

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