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Mølleåen stretches all the way from Bastrup Lake to the Øresund, with its magnificent surroundings serving as a nature park.

Mølleåen can be traced back to the Middle Ages, when it was used for large-scale industrial production. This can still be seen in the nine mills that line the river, which decorate the landscape even though they are no longer in use. In the old days, they were all used to grind flour and were therefore an important production.

It is possible to paddle, hire a canoe and sail down parts of Mølleåen, which, especially in the summer months, is bursting with unspoilt nature and wildlife. There is never any significant current in Mølleåen, making it the perfect place for people of all ages to spend a few hours on the water, regardless of activity.

It is also possible to walk several places along the river in beautiful forest landscapes in the nature park, and if you're not into life on the water, you can stay firmly planted on land and still enjoy Mølleåen.