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Monument Borup Ris

The memorial stone has been erected for the two people who have been most important for the excavation of Borup Rice. Fuglebjerg Local History Society "Borupris Friends" was responsible for the construction of the monument

The memorial stone is in honor of Axel Steensberg, former chief inspector at the National Museum (1906 - 1999) and Svend Dyhre Rasmussen amateur archaeologist (1910 - 1974)

Svend was the cause for the excavation of the village of Borup, located in Borup Rice. During the 2nd World War he was digging up a tree in Borup Rice forest and discovered a heap of rocks in the area, of which he thought some of them were in a row, he knew that once they had collected stones on the fields and cast them into the fields.

This should turn out to be agaric from the Middle Ages.

Axel Steensberg was responsible for the excavation of Borup Rice, which began in 1951 and lasted for 32 years. Borup Rice is the oldest village surveyed and mapped in its entirety