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Mountain bike trail in Bjerre Forest

You find one of Denmark's best mountain bike trails in the hilly and wooded landscape of Bjerrelide between Horsens and Juelsminde. More than 15 kilometres of tracks of varying difficulty make the route the perfect choice for both beginners and those with experience.

Get up your heart rate on the best trail of the area

Combine beautiful nature experiences with challenging routes on two wheels. Bjerre Forest (also known as Bjerge Forest) near Horsens is a very varied and beautiful forest with many hills that make the terrain suitable for mountain biking. Regardless of your experience and level, you will be physically challenged while also entertained by this trail which, in several places, is made especially demanding by the very hilly terrain.


About the trail

The trail, which is continuously expanded, is more than 15 kilometres long and has more than 550 metres of altitude. The trail is well signposted and is graduated according to the degree of difficulty. Finding your way around the trail is easy - you will not get lost.

There are three different tracks of varying difficulty. The blue basic track is 10 kilometres long and offers 250 metres of altitude. Everyone can take part in this one - everyone on a mountain bike should be able to ride it although the terrain can make it demanding. The blue basic track is ideal for beginners and families where the children are to be introduced to the sport.

From the blue basic track there is a red and a black loop. The red and black tracks are more demanding than the blue. The black route is the most challenging. It has several steep descents and particularly difficult challenges that can be dangerous if you are not an experienced mountain biker. So, pay attention and adjust your speed to the conditions.

Both the red and black routes lead back to the blue basic route.


Find your way to the MTB trail in Bjerre Forest

At Bjerre Skovvej, there are several parking areas with free parking. Drive towards the northernmost of these where the trail starts. You can find the parking areas on the map here