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Multiparken Helsingør Mp:H

MP:H – the Multi Park in Elsinore - is a 10,000 m2 activity park which house a number of popular unorganized sports activities. Here you can enjoy street basket and football on a field that can be changed into an ice rink in the winter months. There are bowls for streetskating for both skateboarders, BMX and rollerskaters and a large parkour facility. A stage for music and theater ties it all together culturally. There is a strong emphasis on inclusiveness - there should be something for everyone and for all ages, gender and ethnicity. Therefore, MP:H has plenty of green and recreational areas, barbecue - and toilet facilities, benches, tables and play area.

The park is open daily all year round. Every day between  2 pm and 10 pm an employee will be present. Between 2.30 pm and 7.30 pm it is possible to rent equipment as BMX, scooter, skateboard, roller skates and safety equipment. All traffic and stay in the park at your own risk.