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Museum of Illusions

Museum of Illusions Copenhagen is an interactive experience where the senses are activated, perspectives are challenged and imagination is awakened. Play and learning go hand in hand in the world's fastest growing private museum chain. Museum of Illusions Copenhagen is the flagship museum for Europe, and the opening marks the world premiere of new installations based on Danish culture and history.

The art of illusion is also science
Based on the art of illusion, physics and science, the Museum of Illusions creates installations that offer both entertainment and learning.

"This is a museum where you actually have to touch the exhibitions. It's a big part of the experience. The illusions should amaze and delight at the same time. They should be experiences that provide new perspectives and insights through interaction," says Majbritt Lin Walbom.

Guests can experience popular illusions such as the Walk-in Kaleidoscope, the Infinity Room and The Vortex Dome, an installation that utilises the Fluid Dynamics methodology. There will also be the world premiere of the installations Turning the Fish and Shade Illusion, which plays with shapes!

The 1200 m2 exhibition with 72 permanent installations offers memorable and photo-worthy experiences that also provide insight into the fascinating science behind the illusions.

The perfect destination
The Museum of Illusions is the perfect destination for families, tourists, students and art enthusiasts. Regardless of age and background, the museum enchants and amazes its visitors. As a prelude to the opening, the Museum of Illusions made the statues of Christian X, Absalon and their horses fly.

Illusion experts explain the science behind the illusions and help with photos. The museum has several separate exhibitions and a hall that is perfect for organising events.

About the Museum of Illusions
The Museum of Illusions was created by Roko Živković and Tomislav Pamuković in Zagreb, Croatia, in 2015. Their primary goal was to introduce a concept of "edutainment" and offer visitors the perfect blend of learning and entertainment through interactive and photogenic exhibitions and illusory spaces.

The Museum of Illusions Group is the world's largest and fastest growing chain of private museums. The exhibitions offer all age groups interactive experiences that activate the senses, challenge perspective and spark the imagination.

All illusions and interactive experiences are based on and accompanied by scientific explanations of what visitors are experiencing.