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The Mussel Town Løgstør

Løgstør has evolved from being a fishing village focused on herring to becoming a tourist town with the mussel heart at its center. The town is a gem of maritime history, gastronomy, art, sunsets over the Limfjord, and cozy shopping.


In several restaurants in Løgstør, you can enjoy the view over the fjord while indulging in your meal. Whether you're at the restaurants by the harbor or the hotel on the top, you can have a beautiful view of the blue Limfjord. And, of course, many of these places have mussels on the menu, along with many other exciting offerings. Whether you're up for a sensory treat, a quick meal, or some good Danish cuisine, you'll find it when visiting the eateries in the Mussel Town.


Maritime Holiday Vibes in the Mussel Town

During the summer, Løgstør is filled with atmosphere and a multitude of activities for the whole family. You can enjoy top-notch music at Canal Jazz and Løgstør Open Air, or feast on delicious mussels at the Mussel Harvest Festival and Mussel Festival.


Frederik VII's Canal

The canal is not only home to a very popular marina but with its 4.4 km, it's also a great starting point for a wide range of experiences. Try a guided boat tour on the canal or experience the journey on your own in a kayak or dinghy. You can also follow the path along the canal on a running or hiking tour. At the canal, you'll also find the Limfjord Museum, where you can experience maritime cultural history or pet a flatfish and cuddle with a crab in the museum's experience center.


Active Pursuits

For those looking for more action, there are plenty of physical activity options. Forests, fjords, and heaths all appeal to outdoor activities for the whole family. Especially water activities are prominent due to the location by the Limfjord. For example, paddleboards can be rented at the city's new training environment, Dok55.


Plenty of Experiences for Water Lovers

Water lovers can frolic in the fjord and in the new harbor basin. If you cross the footbridge over the canal at the Limfjord Museum, you'll find Løgstør Open-Air Bath. The open-air bath consists of a 250 m long sandy beach with a few small stones and shells, as well as a bathing bridge. Closer to the harbor, by the Ice House, you'll find the new harbor basin.



There are, of course, many opportunities for fishing in the Mussel Town. Herring, trout, eel, crabs, mussels, oysters, shrimp, flounders, plaice, eel pout, lobster, turbot, and much more are pulled from the fjord.


Golf Right Down to the Water's Edge

Within walking distance from the city center, you'll find the golf course with the fantastic view over the Limfjord from all 18 holes on the championship course and from the 9 holes on one of Denmark's best Pay and Play courses.


Livø - The Pearl of the Limfjord

Unspoiled nature awaits on the fantastic island of Livø with all its seals, magnificent heaths, serene boat trips, deep gorges, and high cliffs. Here, there's room for peace and quiet.


The West Himmerland Vikings

To the north, you'll find the Viking fortress of Aggersborg, and to the south, Vitskøl Monastery.