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Mystery hunt at Sagaland

The mystery hunt is for all sharp-witted detectives who like to use their brains and solve puzzles. This year the "TIME" has passed! It's all about following the traces of time through the old fairy tales by Hans Christian Andersen and Dr Grimm - solve the riddles, crack the codes and find the key to the passage of time. There are 12 puzzles, with difficulty levels to suit both children and adults.

Since the dawn of time - indeed, long before - there has been TIME. Time followed the sun and the moon, day and night, year in and year out. Everywhere and nowhere was time. But then new times came. Elaborate clocks were built. Time was carefully measured and systematised, not a single second was allowed to escape. Now time lived inside the clocks and tick-tocked all day long.

In the great clock in the knight's hall in Sagaland lived the time girl URSULA. She kept track of time for the knight. She pushed the great hand around, always running, always on time, winding up all the clocks in Sagaland with her great key and making sure that time ran its usual course. Hundreds of years ago, time stood still in Sagaland. One day, the old poet came to visit. He told fairy tales to the children, so they completely forgot to keep track of time. Ursula saw her chance to leave - time was simply passing. Now she wanted to go out and experience the exciting adventures. Ursula, the time girl, ran away from the knight's watch and took the watch key with her. The clock struck one last time and Sagaland came to a complete standstill.

Can YOU help the knight turn back time? You must travel back in time - through the TIME MACHINE. Then follow the tracks of time through all the adventures: solve the puzzles, crack the codes and find URSULA and the KEY.

You can go on a mystery hunt every day from the 23rd of June to the 16th of August 2024 from 10.00 - 16.00 (closed on Saturdays) in Sagaland.
Please note that there are more opening days than those listed below!

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