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Nakskov Fire Museum

Discover the story of fire engines, emergencies and a local inventor who put Nakskov on the world map. Visit Nakskov Fire Museum, better known as Sprøjtehuset, and experience a captivating story about the development and dedication of the fire brigade.

The museum presents an exciting collection of older fire engines and firefighting equipment that testify to the heroic efforts of firefighters over the years. The story begins when the Nakskov Firefighters' Association takes over an older fire engine from the Nakskov Fire Department, and what begins as the preservation of a single vehicle has over time developed into an entire museum.

But the Nakskov Fire Museum is more than just an exhibition of fire engines. The museum also tells the fascinating story of local hero Jørgen Skafte Rasmussen, who after World War I revolutionised engine technology and created the DKW motorcycles. DKW, which became the world's largest motorbike manufacturer in the 1920s, later became part of the merger that shaped the modern AUDI.

Enjoy a journey through the history of Nakskov, where the fire brigade was founded in 1886. See how firefighting technology and emergency preparedness has evolved over time.

The museum is usually open on Thursday evenings, but please contact the museum in advance if you want to be sure.