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Nature Adventure in Horsens (Natureventyr)

Combine nature experiences with digital location-specific fairytales. This app makes it easy to motivate children to go outside as exciting stories guide you some of the loveliest nature areas around Horsens.

NB: This app is only available in Danish.

Fun tales and lots of exercise

Is it difficult for you to bring children for hikes in nature? Nature Adventure (Natureventyr is a Danish app designed for families with children aged 4-9. With your smartphone in hand, you will hear fairytales that are written for a specific area. The stories are about what children can see, hear, and touch as they walk through the area. There is also an element of treasure hunting with exciting challenges.

The app will guide you to the nature area – and guide you around the route with a digital map. Every chapter is connected to a certain place on the route – it will start automatically when you approach it.

There are five fun Nature adventures around Horsens. They take place in Nørrestrand, The Wolf’s Valley/Bygholm Hills, Tyrstedlund Nature Park, the centre of Horsens, and around Ring Lake in Brædstrup. The routes are created in cooperation with Horsens Municipality and Museum Horsens and are all free.


Vita’s Time Travel (Vitas Tidsrejse)

This fairytale takes place in the centre of Horsens and is about one of the most important explorers in world history, Vitus Bering, who was born and raised in Horsens. This adventure takes you to some of the important places in town on his age.


Flint in the mysterious time dimension (Flint I den mystiske tidsdimension)

This story takes place in the wildlife reserve Nørrestrand in the northern outskirts of Horsens. The fairytale has references to the Stone Age, because settlements and kitchen middens from this period have been found at Nørrestrand. The route ends at the large bird observation tower where you can look for some of the many bird species that inhabit the reserve. More than half of the bird species in Denmark can be found in Nørrestrand.


Viga’s Wild Journey (Vigas vilde rejse)

Join the girl Viga and and explorist fairy on an expedition in the area Bygholm Hills and The Wolf’s Valley (Ulvedalen) and look for the big wolf! (Do not worry – wolves have not been spotted in the area). You will also go to Bygholm Lake and 2a black desert” on your perilous quest.


Sun and the sea monster (Sol og søuhyret)

There is a dangerous sea monster living in Ring Lake in the town Brædstrup. A brave girl has decided to defeat the monster so that sun and water can be friends once again. On this route you will walk on a goat track around the lake. You can stop at the bathing beach and bathing jetty on the lake for a bit of splashing and relaxation in the sun.


Falk Fjord and the story of the missing bees (Falk Fjord og balladen om de forsvundne bier)

The fairy Falk Fjord wants to experience the new biodiversity park Tyrstedlund Nature Park but quickly realizes that something is wrong. The bees are gone! Join the fairies on a fairytale in this new nature area in the southern part of Horsens.


Start the adventure

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