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Nature, bingo, city and adventure in one day - at Bogense and Gyldensteen Strand!

There is fun for the whole family on a trip to Gyldensteen Strand and Bogense!

  • Go for a walk on Gyldensteen Strand and enjoy the view from the many bird towers - take a nature bingo plate with you on the trip and see if you can get a full plate.
  • Have lunch at one of Bogense's good restaurants and cafés.
  • Do a nature tale in Bogense town and solve the mystery of the missing bell.
  • Enjoy a cup of afternoon cocoa in one of the other many cafés or a delicious ice cream in one of the ice cream cafés.

Start your tour at the very special natural area Gyldensteen Strand. It is Funen's largest nature restoration project, and there are lots of bird towers here, which provide a fantastic view. There is also a fun visitor center where you can hear animal sounds and learn about nature in the area.

You can print a nature bingo plate at visitnordfyn.dk or pick it up at the tourist office in Bogense. Take it out on the trip and see if you can find the things and animals that are on the bingo board. When you have enjoyed the area, you are guaranteed to be hungry. Fortunately, it is not very far from Bogense, where there are many places to eat. You can see the places to eat in Bogense here, where you can also see an overview of which places are open today.

When you have eaten, you can go for a short walk – e.g. with a Nature Tale on the phone. Here the whole family hears an adventure and experiences different things along the way. The trip in Bogense is 1.1 km long, so it's easy to do on top of dinner. The tour starts at the town brook by Skovvej. But just download the free Natureventyr app and you're off and running and will be guided throughout the trip. If there is room in your bellies after the trip, you can enjoy a cup of hot cocoa or perhaps a delicious ice cream while you sit and enjoy life for a moment.

Have a nice day!

Practical infos


There is free parking at Gyldensteen Strand (Langø 1). All parking spaces in Bogense are also free. There are parking spaces at Hotelpassagen, Skovvej and Torvet.


There are toilets on Gyldensteen Strand and several places in Bogense (Torvet, Hotelpassagen behind Bogense Hotel and behind Nordfyns Museum on Vestergade). All toilets are open all year round.