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Nature exhibition, Hovborg

The exhibition shows the development of the area around Hovborg from glacier to farmland, from wool hawker to Dalgas (pioneer within the planting of the heat) - to Hovborg of today. So, this small exhibition explains a lot about the nature phenomena you meet on the walks along Holme Å.

You find models of the first hunters at Hovborg and their tools: bows and axes. Furthermore, stuffed birds and animals characteristic for the area are shown. You may train your knowledge of nature before walking on the paths around Hovborg by guessing footprints and watching plants, berries, and bones. The exhibition also includes a big map with a lot of information about the area.

On the back wall of the building, you find a big painting by Lars Ringgaard showing the time from the last ice age until today.

In front of Naturudstillingen, an open green area invites for games and plays and you are welcome to enjoy a picnic on the tables and benches.