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Nature Experience

Use your holiday or free time to get closer to nature and yourself! If you're looking for ideas on what to do in nature or with nature's raw materials, get inspired for exciting experiences you might never have considered.

How about cooking over a campfire, a sheep herding tour or working in a creative workshop with natural materials, or maybe you'd rather learn more about how local apple juice is made? Give yourself a chance to expand your horizons and try something new - just once a year.

Nature Experience gives you an overview of many inspiring small businesses that deal with nature or nature's raw materials and can make it easier for you to get in closer contact with yourself and nature.

You can find inspiration on the website: www.natureexperience.dk, but you can also choose to contact me and give me the task of finding your next amazing nature experience. Then I will work with you to find the coolest activities.

If you are one of the small, inspiring companies that have nature at their centre, contact me to join the community.