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Get close to the nature of West Jutland and the forces that for thousands of years have shaped the landscape and the people who live here.

Fill your rucksack with aha experiences and greater knowledge about nature, sustainability and climate. All activities in Naturkraft are free once the entrance fee is paid.

Engage all your senses

Hold on to your hat and feel how the wind speed goes from light wind to storm in seconds in the Wind Machine. Experience the 'Tree of Life' exhibition and see how the seasons unfold in nature in 12 minutes. Smell the seasonal flowers and plants as the 8 habitats are explored. Investigate life below the water's surface with water binoculars and hear how the water trickles by in the stream. Treat your taste buds in the café. Test your balance on the pole track and much more. Read more at www.naturkraft.dk.

Go on an expedition

Experience, feel, explore and play with natural phenomena such as wind, water, heat and cold. Armed with the right gear and a healthy dose of curiosity, fun activities await you when you go on an expedition in Naturkraft. Complete the three tasks and play your way to a greater knowledge of nature's superpowers. Once completed, a new cool title and a badge as proof of completion await you!

Special activities and experiences in high season

During the high season, Naturkraft adds extra activities to the daily programme. Find the always updated programme at www.naturkraft.dk.

Part of Ringkøbing Fjord Museums

Naturkraft is part of Ringkøbing Fjord Museums, which brings history to life at 10 museums and attractions by Ringkøbing Fjord. Read more at www.ringkobingfjordmuseer.dk/en.