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Nørhå Fiskepark - Angling Lake

Bring the family on an outing to Nørhå angling Park in Thy.

At the angling lake there is a disabled-friendly toilet and fishing bridge.

A gem in Thy with its unique location. The angling lake has 4000 m2 of fishing water.

You can catch brown trout, rainbow trout and eel in the lake.

The angling park has good facilities:

Toilet (handicap accessible)
Bridge out into the water (handicap friendly)
Good conditions for cleaning the fish
Grill for preparing the catch
Houses that provide shelter and shelter from the weather
You can buy fishing licenses on site - 2 hours, 3 hours, 4 hours, 6 hours and 9 hours fishing licenses. Discount is given for children under 12 years.

NOTE - payment cards can not be used on site, so remember cash.


There is a vending machine where you can buy sweets, beer, soda, fishing tackle and bait.

During the high season, fish are released several times a day.

We usually hold a fishing competition every year in September / October.

Nørhå Fiskeark is open all year from 6 am to sunset.