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Nørhalne Viser Kunst (Nørhalne shows art)

Nørhalne Hallen (Nørhalne Sports Centre) is the setting of a large art exhibition with works of about 60 artists, who work in different branches of art such as painting, glass, ceramic, porcelain, jewelry, sculpture, stone, bronze, and textile.

Nørhalne Viser Kunst (Nørhalne shows art) has since 2000 organized this exhibition in Nørhalne Hallen that has become very popular. That means that more and more recognized and professional artists from all of Denmark request to participate.

Every exhibitor donates a small work of art, which is disposed of by lottery amongst those visitors, who buy a catalogue at the entrance.

In the sports centre you will also find an art café, where it is possible to buy a cup of coffee and a slice of cake or bread, a cold beer, or a glass of wine.