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Nørre Vosborg Manor

Nørre Vosborg is a unique manor house with a history of 700 years. With this quote,

Hans Edward Nørregaard-Nielsen has pinpointed the special atmosphere of Nørre Vosborg:

“Nørre Vosborg is the place where you can stretch out your inner human being in full size”.

The tower catches the eye as the first thing when you approach the manor house, and marks that there is something unusual, magnificent and beautiful here in the middle of the windswept West Jutland landscape. The gate tower was built in 1790, while the main courtyard dates from the 14th century.

In 2004, an extensive restoration and remodeling of the manor was started. In April 2008, the doors were opened to the beautiful renovated manor house.

The recently restored Nørre Vosborg consists of the castle complex, which contains a number of manor rooms, a knight's hall, conference rooms and a restaurant, as well as the barn complex, which contains a multi-hall with room for 300 seated guests, two large exhibition rooms and 56 hotel rooms.

During the restoration, great emphasis has been placed on preserving the external appearance and everything has been done with a gentle hand. The goal is to turn Nørre Vosborg into a cultural powerhouse with its own hotel and restaurant. A meeting place where cultural life and business can get mutual inspiration.


The first written accounts of Nørre Vosborg are from the year 1299, where there is talk of a manor with the name Osborg. Os means mouth or outlet of water. The manor Osborg was then located at the mouth of Gammel Å to the southwest of the current location and thus closer to Nissum Fjord.

Over time, many different families have owned the manor. Niels Bugge is the first owner of whom there are reports. He was among the leading Jutland magnates and was killed in 1359.

During Niels Bugge's ownership, a warning was given of an upcoming storm surge. The omen is told in the story of "the man from the northwest wrapped in a blue cloak who will make the tower tilt". The storm came in 1530, after which the manor was moved to its current location.

Over time, many great people have visited the manor. Among other things. lived H. C. Andersen at the manor house in 1859 from 5-20 July. Here "Stories from the Dunes" were written and some of his well-known paper clips were cut.

Discover the place where H. C. Andersen spent the night. Take a walk in the beautiful nature around the manor, where various hiking trails have been established. Dine in the restaurant in the north wing from the 17th century and dream sweetly in one of the barn's rooms - all newly furnished with respect for the time that passed.

You can join a tour of the manor. Find the next trip on Nørre Vosborg's website.