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Norsminde Marina

Located at the entrance to Norsminde Fjord, this small, charming yacht harbour resides in a delightful summer oasis with eateries and a delightful harbour ambiance. If you're fortunate enough to secure a spot in this quaint marina, you can relish in its rather excellent facilities.

Intimate marina by the Kattegat

Approximately nine nautical miles south of Aarhus sits this small yacht harbour, where Aarhus Bay meets Saksild Bay. Nestled at the entrance to Norsminde Fjord, the harbour offers excellent facilities for sailors. The harbour comprises 85 berths in a keelboat harbor on the south side of the inlet, along with 101 berths in a dinghy harbor on the north side. Visiting sailors have the opportunity to dock in the harbour for a fee ranging from 175 to 225 Danish kroner per night, depending on the boat's length.


Facilities at Norsminde Harbour


Picnic area

Grilling spots

Crabbing bridge for children

Beach in front of the harbour entrance

Water, diesel, boat crane, and slipway

Bike rental

Bus connection to Aarhus and Odder (bus 302)

Free electricity and Wi-Fi

Good bathing and restroom facilities


About Norsminde

Norsminde is a small summer gem that draws visitors as soon as the weather turns pleasant. The town revolves around the yacht harbor, the historic Norsminde Kro from 1693, and a smaller summer house area. There are no grocery stores or other shops, but there are ample opportunities to enjoy a waterfront meal or a refreshing ice cream. A meal can be savoured at the smokehouse (Fiskehuset) or at one of Norsminde Kro's two restaurants, offering fine dining at Restaurant Près and a more casual atmosphere at Brasseriet. Additionally, taking a stroll along the waterfront is highly recommended.

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