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North Sealand VintageTrain | Take the vintage train on a trip along the North Coast of Sealand

Ride with Nordsjællands Vintage train into the summer countryside from June 30th to August 18th, 2024. Travel along the beautiful North Coast of Sealand or deep into the green Gribskov forest, with glimpses of blue forest lakes, lush ferns, and perhaps deer if you're lucky. A journey with Veterantog is a delightful family experience for both young and old.

Take a ride with the summer train along the North Coast

Join Nordsjællands Veterantog as the summer train runs through Gribskov on Sundays from 30. June to 18. August 2024, on the Græsted-Grønnehave-Græsted route. Stops are made in Hellebæk, Ålsgårde, Hornbæk, Dronningmølle, and Gilleleje.

It's a varied trip where you'll pass through forests, open landscapes, and towns big and small. There are plenty of opportunities for a lovely day at the beach for the whole family or a stroll around Gilleleje if you disembark there, where you'll find numerous options for dining and enjoying the cosy eateries and restaurants that the charming towns along the North Coast offer.

Date: Sundays from June 30th to August 18th, 2024 | Tickets: Book your tickets

What is Nordsjællands Veterantog

You can ride on different locomotives with both open and closed carriages. The steam train consists of authentic, old carriages pulled by a steam locomotive built over a hundred years ago. After several years of restoration, the open forest wagon is again in service.

It is an exceptional experience during the journey in the open carriage to feel the impressions of the air from the steam locomotive, the forest, and the fields. A ride on the rail bus with wooden benches is also charming and evokes memories of something you may have seen in an old-time movie.

The Turtle Club

... is a special offer for children with great membership benefits. You'll receive the Turtle magazine four times a year. You'll find competitions, tasks, and fun stories about the Vintage Train. Once a year, on the annual children's day, the trains are dressed up as living trains, and everything in the depot is focused on the children.