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On the farm in Fjaltring on the North Sea people have lived and worked for more than 100 years .... Now the farm is the framework for our company, which offers events, events and courses.

Here, talented and interested people gather to share and experience with others. We hope you would like to join either as an organizer or a participant. When people meet, then ...

Welcome to Kulturhuset NotFarAway. Our mission is to create a vibrant cultural center with room for everyone. Presence, coziness, hospitality, and community are at the core, and we strive to offer a unique experience by the North Sea.

What can you experience?

You can visit us for our events and most holidays. Keep an eye on the activity calendar here on the website. Also, follow us on our social media to stay updated on our opening hours and upcoming events.

With intimate concerts, artisan markets, health courses, creative workshops, tours in the beautiful nature with rosé wine or mulled wine, gaming events with food, and much more.

We are proud of our historic farm, which now serves as the setting for our vibrant cultural center. A visit to the farm invites relaxation and immersion.

Shop and café

In the shop, you will find local artisan products, Danish delicacies of the highest quality, and trinkets for the home and garden. We believe in recycling, so you will find both new and used items in the shop.

Our food cart and café are also part of the experience. Here, you can treat yourself to sushi rolls with your choice of topping, savory pancakes made with buckwheat flour, sweet pancakes, organic sodas, and ice cream from Vild Is. We have a wide selection of beverages. For events, we serve various other delights such as Afternoon Tea, open-faced sandwiches, vol-au-vents, gourmet hot dogs, and gourmet toast, etc. The food can be enjoyed in the café or at our outdoor areas. It can also be packed as a picnic and brought to the beach.

The shop and café/food cart are open for our events and most holidays.

You are always welcome to book a visit with us. We are happy to open up the farm and shop for you and prepare delicious food.

It is also possible to rent the farm for an event or a party.

We look forward to welcoming you to a world of creativity, companionship, and magic at Kulturhuset NotFarAway.