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Nyborg Voldspil - open air musical

Open air musical or operetta from the end of July until the middle of August every year. In the summer 2023 you can see "Cabaret".

Nyborg Voldspil will perform "Cabaret" in the summer of 2023.

In the historic setting at Nyborg Vold, under the tall upright Elme, there is a fantastic atmosphere in Denmark's oldest open-air theater - Nyborg Voldspil. The summer evenings are warm, and the warmth of the sun helps to make an evening of musicals at Nyborg Vold a very special experience. Many come again year after year, and this means that you enjoy the evenings in the company of up to 1,300 other happy and festive spectators. Nyborg Voldspil is not only Denmark's oldest. It is also carried by the commitment and enthusiasm of all the volunteers, as Nyborg Voldspil are amateurs. But do not be fooled. Sure, they are amateurs, but the show is extremely professionally set up, and there is tradition traditionally always high quality in all facets.

Tickets for Nyborg Voldspil can be purchased on Nyborg Voldspil's own website, by written / telephone contact directly to Nyborg Voldspil (note very limited phone time), or at VisitNyborg.


Purchase a buffet from one of Nyborg's quality restaurants at Nyborg Vold. The annual menu is published on Nyborg Voldspil's own website. We encourage you to book at the same time as you buy tickets for the show, so that you are sure to get a seat.

Nyborg's restaurants and hotels also offer various solutions when it comes to dining and / or accommodation in connection with the Violence Game. Check out the many accommodation options within Bed & Breakfast, camping or hotel here on VisitNyborg.dk. Also remember to visit Nyborg Castle when you are in the city, and feel free to take a walk on the entire old rampart, where swans and ducks in the moat add adventurous idyll in the best H.C. Andersen style.