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The Nygaard Stone in Nørreskoven Als

The ancient sacrificial stones still stand in the depths of the forest and one of the most beautiful you will find in Nørreskoven on the island of Als

The Nygaard stone is a prehistoric cult stone that is protected. It has been part of a dolmen chamber, but unfortunately, there are not many traces left of the burial.

The stone is adorned with approx. 60 cup marks which dates back to 3950-501 BC, which are small depressions carved into the stone. Back in the prehistoric times, people often sacrificed by bogs and since there is a nearby one, it is quite conceivable that the Nygaard stone has always been in the area and has since been included in the construction of the dolmen chamber.

You cannot know for sure, but it is believed that these cup marks have been used for sacrifices of honey, butter or perhaps blood during worship or fertility rituals.