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Nygård Gl. Skole

Nygaard Old School, which is placed 7km north of Herning, was originally built around 1822 and remained in use until 1968.
The hall, which is the old gymnastic hall, can contain around 50 people. The kitchen has room for around 50 servants.

Nygaard Gl. Skole

The first school on the site was built in 1822. It housed a schoolroom and a small apartment for the schoolmaster and his family. The school was put into use when the School Act from 1814 stipulated that no child could have more than a quarter of a mile to school.

The school building became too small because many new residents came to the parish due to the great work of the time with heath cultivation. Therefore, the school was demolished, and the school here was built in 1878 with room for 33 students. Nygaard Gl. The school was closed as a school in 1967.


Nygaard Gl. The school is part of the walking and cycling route "Brydningstiden", which connects the four cornerstones Helenes Hus, Nazareth, Forsamlinghuset and Nygaard Gl. School. You can read about the route on the sign at the school, and if you have a smartphone, you can also listen to an exciting story. See how on the sign.

Nygård Gl. The school's classroom is owned by Herning Jagtcenter and run by Herning Municipality.

Visit Nygaard Gl. School

Nygård Gl. Skole in Ørre is a well-preserved building, where there is access to the old schoolroom, which dates back to 1878. Everyone is welcome to experience the school, which was refurbished in 2015 with desks, desks and other school equipment from the old days.

The school can be rented to parties, meetings, company arrangements etc. For further information: