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Nykøbing F. Watertower

The water tower was built in 1908, and was Denmark's first reinforced concrete building of that size. The water tower is 43 meters high, there are 7 floors and 147 steps, and the viewing platform is at a height of 32 meters.

In 2008, Multicentersyd took over the operation of the water tower, and has since been responsible for a total modernization of the tower. The water tower is now a branch of FGU Lolland.

On the water tower's 4 exhibition floors, you can see changing art exhibitions. And from the top of the tower, you can see the fantastic view of the entire Nykøbing F and Guldborgsund.

The water tower has become the city's landmark.


Contact the exhibition manager

Mai-Britt V. Skov

FGU teacher

E-mail: mask@fgu-lf.dk / esbr@fgu-lf.dk

Phone: May: 51179953 / Espen :51179955

Entrance in the tower

10 DKK

Opening hours

Wednesday 10-16

NOTE: The water tower is closed in July, and if there are courses in the water tower.