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Nysted Organ Museum

Located in the southernmost and most breathtaking market town on Lolland, Nysted, we offer an unforgettable musical day for both children and adults. Our mission is not only to preserve and restore the beautiful instruments that form an essential part of Danish and global cultural heritage, but also to communicate an understanding of the organ as a fascinating musical and technological marvel.

Nysted Organ Museum stands out because all our instruments are fully functional and open to be played by any visitor, not just professional concert organists. We want to bring the organ down to children's level so that even the youngest can explore and play with these amazing instruments. Hands-on experiences are key here, where children and adults can get an intimate insight into the complexity of organs.

Take a fascinating journey through history with a guided tour, a musical organ introduction tailored for groups of minimum 4 people all year round.
You can also explore the museum independently during our regular opening hours and delve into the history of the organs in Danish and German while listening to the music through headphones, which all our organs are equipped with. Get a unique insight into centuries of development of one of the most complex man-made mechanical instruments.

The guided tours offer a wide range of organ music, carefully selected for each organ.

Booking and enrolment is required. Contact us by phone on 29 28 86 30 or by email at info@orgelmuseum.dk to organise your experience.

Plan your visit, find current opening hours and concert programme on our website: www.orgelmuseum.dk

From May to October, you can enjoy the sounds of foreign and Danish organ soloists and chamber music ensembles of the highest calibre at our breathtaking concerts. It's a unique opportunity to experience world-class concerts in an intimate and historic setting.