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Ø-CAMINO Læsø - Etape 4 - 15 km - Byrum - Sdr. Nyland - Stokken - Vesterø

Stage 4 takes you from Byrum through the Sydwesten agricultural area to Sdr. Nyland and Stokken and return along Læsø's long bathing beaches on the west side of the island.
During the season, you can enjoy the trip with Denmark's probably smallest ferry, the Fannemandsfærgen, and perhaps also take a detour a few hundred meters to Vesterø Church with the beautiful and restored frescoes

Stage 4 begins at Byrum and takes you through Læsø's sparse and meager farmland to the barrier island of Stokken, where Læsø, just like in Bovet, grows several hectares a year by a mixture of material that moves from the north side and an actual land uplift. The last stretch can be walked at the kilometer-long beach on Læsø's west coast, where Jutland can be seen on the horizon.