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Oddesund is not just a prim example of how one can enjoy the wonderful nature that is to be found in the countryside by Limfjorden, because Oddesund is also a filled with historical significance.
When the sea broke through the isthmus Aggertangen in 1825, Oddesund became the umbilical cord for traffic connecting Thyland and Hardsyssel, and the connection across the narrow sound therefore became a bottleneck on the major West Jutland trading route from Thy to Germany. This rendered the old-fashioned rowing boat ferry service inadequate. In the years 1861-64, a small harbour was therefore founded on the northeastern side of the spit, where it may still be seen.
When the Thy railway line was established in 1880-82, one of the very earliest steamship connections was opened here in 1883, the dilapidated port for which may still be seen.
In 1938, the bridge across Oddesund was opened.

In times of war and crisis, Oddesund held great strategic importance. Evidence of this is the considerable bunker fortifications constructed by the German forces during World War II.


The Oddesund Tower

While the bunkers might have a bit more history behind them, they are certainly not the only buildings worth seeing while visiting Oddesund.
The Oddesund tower with a height of 12.5 meters gives visitors a fantastic opportunity to enjoy a spectacular view of the beach and the gorgeous nature, and since the tower is not further than a stone's throw from the water's edge, it will be ideal to stop and then take a break.


Regelbau 411

The bunkers to be found in Oddesund were built in wartime due to their strategic location, but today they house art exhibitions which are presented by Regelbau 411.
Regelbau 411 welcomes guests inside the heavy, thick, gray concrete walls where art exhibitions have been set up that intend to let viewers experience a break from the normal framework of how guests normally would perceive art.
Regelbau 411 strives to provide all who visits their exhibition artworks build around experimental sound, light and video crafts of the highest level.
The bunkers are actually a part of the complete experience, because they make for uncut surroundings that gives viewers a unique experience that makes use of their senses in ways that can not be found anywhere else.


For contact, opening hours or more about Regelbau 411: Regelbau 411