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Odense City Hall - built 1881-1883

Odense City Hall stands as a striking landmark in the heart of Odense, a city rich in history and culture. This classic building, located on Flakhaven, is an architectural gem that reflects the city's historical heritage and modern development. The original town hall, built in 1883, was designed by Johan Daniel Herholdt and Carl Lendorf, two architects who masterfully combined elements of Gothic and Renaissance. The result was an impressive building that today still stands as a symbol of Odense's proud traditions and ambitions.

City Hall today
The city's house, the town hall, stands in its current form with an extension designed by architect B. Helweg-Møller in 1937. Helweg-Møller in 1937.
The task was difficult. Some of the old buildings, namely the section facing Flakhaven, had to remain standing. A new, large building in the simpler style of the time had to co-operate with it. The area that could be utilised was precisely and unwaveringly defined. In addition, the war delayed the realisation of the building plans. The tower behind the main entrance was demolished in 1942. After that, work was at a standstill for a few years. It wasn't until 1955 that the new town hall was inaugurated. This happened on 2 April on Hans Christian Andersen's 150th birthday. Andersen's 150th birthday.

Today, Odense City Hall serves as the administrative centre of Odense Municipality, where important decisions are made and the future of the city is shaped. It is also a popular venue for weddings, ceremonies and other public events such as art exhibitions, concerts, etc.