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Ole Hansen Memorial Stone

Memorial Stone for Ole Hansen born 17 December 1855 in Høm, Ringsted (died 26 June 1928).

Ole Hansen was “the first farmer in the King’s Council” and the stone is placed here in Sct. Bendtsgade. This way Ole Hansen would always be able to spot his beloved farm, Solbakken in Bringstrup.

Ole Hansen was a member of the parish council Bringstrup-Sigersted when the Cultural Minister Scavenius on 22 April 1885 sent out his “Muzzle Circular” which banned school teachers to engage in political propaganda and to participate in riffle societies, as they were afraid this would lead to an uproar against the government.

Ole Hansen and the parish council refused to pass on the circular letter to the teachers and also to pay the fine. Therefore, he had to go to prison.

This was met with sympathy all over Denmark, and when Lejre Constituency looked for a candidate to the election they asked Ole Hansen. He was elected to the Parliament (Folketing) for the Liberal Party.

Johs. Berg has designed the stone and made the bronze reliefs, whereas C. Svenstrup executed the stone. Inaugurated on 24 July 1930.