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Ørnehøj shelters

Shelter-site Ørnehøj at Føns is beautifully located by the foot of the cliff with a straight view across the Little Belt. Here are good chances to see porpises, different coastal birds and seals. The shelter-site is established on a private area, and access is from Fønsskovvej 28 via a track along the fields towards the coast. Parking with car is possible in the nook after Fønsskovvej 28 (Se map below).

The site consists of two similar shelters of the type "Stenbideren" which has room for 5 guests sleeping in each. There's a campfire area with fixed grill rack and benches at the shelters. Besides from the two shelters, there's also a small, primitive toilet on the site.

Good opportunities to arrive at the site in kayak, walking along the beach or by bike.

The beach below the site is a bit rocky but absolutely worth a swim.

If your interests include coastal angling, there's a good chance of catching seabass from the coast. Remember coastal angling requires a valid fishing license.