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Øster Hurup – The best beach for children in Denmark

Øster Hurup in the past

Archaeological footprints

Øster Hurup is an old town, and several archaeological finds are proof of that. Both on Langerimsvej, in Strandparken, at Marensminde and Tofte Sø, fine pottery finds have been found that can be dated back to the Roman Iron Age (approx. 200 AD)



In the good old days, fishing in Øster Hurup was a large part of the town's DNA. Especially in the 16th and 17th centuries, the East Coast was home to both large and particularly productive fishing.

At the end of the 1800s and the beginning of the 1900s, the area also experienced a boom in fishing, where gillnet fishing in particular was a good business. Back then, it was the very large cutters that docked at the harbour, which was also home to a very popular auction hall.

Today, commercial fishing is a closed chapter, but the harbor in Øster Hurup is still a favorite place for pleasure and leisure fishermen, just as the harbor is also very popular among yachtsmen. Read more about angling in Øster Hurup and around Mariager Fjord here, where you will also find useful information about the harbour.

Have you become curious to know more about Øster Hurup's history? So stop by the Local History Archive at Øster Hurup Tourist Information and get an insight into "the good old days" in Øster Hurup.

Øster Hurup in the present day

Øster Hurup and the East Coast are a true holiday paradise! Here you will find the best beaches, the best ice cream and there are always plenty of activities for the whole family!

During the summer holidays, you can come to the crab races on the harbor every week, learn about life in the water, and not least take part in all the events that fill the city with everything from music on the harbor to summer concerts and American car meets.

You can always see what is happening when you are on holiday in the area in the large activity calendar.

The area also offers fantastic nature experiences that you can experience on your own – e.g. Lille Vildmose is a popular excursion destination for the whole family. See all activities here.


Denmark's most child-friendly beach

On the beach, you will find kilometers of lovely sandy beach, where the wide and low water's edge is perfect for ball games and all kinds of fun beachside activities.

Øster Hurup is known for having Denmark's most child-friendly beach - with good reason. The shallow water is ideal for toddlers and children who want to splash around in the water and play on the beach.

If you go to the deeper water, you have to go a long way out to be able to take a dip. Alternatively, you can jump in from the bathing bridge, which is an extension of the harbour.


Danish summer fun at its best

When the Danish summer shows its best side, it is difficult not to confuse Øster Hurup with a city in the southern sun; The cityscape is full of guests who arrive in full beach attire with flip-flops and a towel over their shoulders.

It's not long before the hunger needs to be satisfied, or the desire for a nice cold ice cream calls. Within just 10 min. walk from the beach, you will find all the shops and restaurants in town.


Øster Hurup in the future

There is a lot going on in Øster Hurup. For example, the city won a prize of DKK 50,000 in 2014 for "The best coastal city project" under the title, "We turn the city around".
The project arose because many guests in recent years have overlooked the unique proximity between town and beach. Therefore, they wanted to highlight the close connection between city, harbor and beach.

Some of the things that have already been done include e.g. the city center and its connection to the port. A meadow bridge has been built, which leads the "soft road users" around the road and down to the harbour. Engbroen is connected to several nature trails, so you can get out on e.g. Kløverstieren and Nordsøstien.

In the city center you will now find the most fantastic town square! Here stands the new fine observation tower located in the middle of the square, where you can climb up and enjoy the unique view over the Kattegat. This way you can see how close you really are to the water and the lovely beach.

The upcoming stages include e.g. the harbor and further visibility of the connection between the city and the water - but for now we are looking forward to the city center and the meadow bridge, and the connection that is now much more visible.