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Østergaard Vinmageri

Østergaard Vinmageri is a Danish vineyard where quality wines are produced from grapes and fruit and with the opportunity to visit a fantastic farm shop.

Østergaard Winery produces handcrafted specialty wines from locally grown grapes and fruit from its own vineyards - especially grapes for white and rosé wines. In selected years, a red wine is made from dried grapes. The fruit wines are primarily produced as ice wines, which provide some very exciting, intense wines for desserts and cheeses.

The good soil of Lolland, along with the mild climate, produces some of Denmark's best grapes, fruits, and berries. It is winemaker Henrik Ploug's passion to produce the best high-quality products, whether it concerns grape wines or fruit wines.

The vineyard and its fields are worth a visit, and it is here that the quality is created. Book an exclusive tour designed for groups with af delightful wine tasting or visit the vineyard shop, where all the wines can be purchased