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Our Wind

Our Wind is an exciting and different exhibition in Hvide Sande, which provides insight into the history and events surrounding the establishment of offshore wind farms in the area. In addition, the exhibition also deals with the general significance of wind for the whole of West Jutland and for the West Coast in particular.

Our Wind is an exciting exhibition at the harbor in Hvide Sande, where you can follow more than 818 years of development to curb the power of the wind.

Hvide Sande in particular has played an important role in connection with wind energy, and the exhibition therefore provides a good insight into the wind's opportunities and the offshore wind industry. The exhibition will also focus on Ringkøbing-Skjern Municipality's investment in renewable energy.

In addition, Our Wind also offers the Tour de Wind, which is a wind experience in Hvide Sande which consists of 4 stops:

- Troldbjerg
A magnificent view of Ringkøbing Fjord and the harbour - feel the wind on the top.

- The Wind Turbine Beach
See 3, 150 m tall wind turbines close up - They provide a large amount of green energy.

- The South Beach
In bright weather, you can see Horns Rev 3, 49 new offshore wind turbines ( 406 MW wind turbine park being by Vattenfall).

- Our Wind
Visit the interesting wind turbine exhibition and follow the development of wind as an energy source throughout 818 years.